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Random Patches & The Beauty of Freedom

December 14, 2015

This patch is clearly a play on the United States Forest Service Department Patch.  The fonts are the same, the colors are the same and the shape of the patch is the same.

However they have replaced the US Forest Service logo with a logo of a man pointing his finger in the air (not middle finger), and within the logo the letters FU.  In addition to that there the text “All Hail The Black Market” and “Department of Awesome”.   We have no idea what all of this means, and what was the intention of this particular patch maker.  We are just as curious as you are.  However, this is one of the things that we love about our job, is giving people the ability to create anything that they want. Our CEO always tells a story about a Chinese lady that visited our China office and saw all of our patches in our office.  Her first words were “This is Freedom”.  Her point was that although Chinese people are given a great deal of freedom today, their minds are not free like people in the West, or at least not yet.  She was amazed that each patch had a story, and all of the patches represented the rich history of the West, from Boy Scout organizations, to Girl Scouts, to Biker Clubs, and just random patches like this.

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