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The Rosie Network Custom Patches

May 22, 2014

With Memorial Day just around the corner, we can’t help but be in the patriotic spirit. For this blog, we wanted to introduce you to an organization that does so much for military families. This organization reminds us that we can give back to our troops and veterans all year round, not just during Memorial Day or Veterans Day. We hope that after reading this blog you will be inspired to join this organization in their mission to help military families.

Rosie Network is a non-profit organization founded by military spouses. Their mission is to “promote The American veteran and military spouse and their entrepreneurial endeavors”. Rosie network only features military family owned businesses on their website and it’s completely free for military families. Their website is so easy to navigate through! You can find a photographer, travel agent, or even a life coach. The best part is that when you hire someone from The Rosie Network, you are supporting military families.

Every business gets their own business profile page and every businesses displayed on their Network is verified as military veteran or spouse-owned through is another veteran-owned company which verifies military personnel and military spouses.

We were honored when The Rosie Network contacted us to produce custom patches for them. Their custom patches have The Rosie Network logo embroidered on them. Their logo is of  the iconic “We can do it” poster. The we can do it poster was created by J. Howard Miller in 1943. At the time this poster was used to inspire woman to join the war efforts. This image represents so much for woman and is the perfect logo for the Rosie Network.

we can do it actual poster based on custom patches

This is the “We can do it” poster

We used 100% embroidery coverage on these custom patches and we also put magnetic backings onto the back of the patch. The custom patch looks 3D, her arms look like they are coming outside of the patch. This is one of our favorite patches we have ever created because it represents military families and we have so much respect for our military.

Below is a picture of the patch we created for The Rosie Network. Patches by The/Studio and The Rosie Network make a great team.

rosie network custom patches

To learn more about The Rosie Network, visit their website. Remember that hiring individuals from The Rosie Network can help a military family and what’s better than that?


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