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Royal School of Needlework

A college located 30 minutes outside of London and the campus is located inside of a palace. Classes are held within the suite of the palace, overlooking a serine garden with a flowing fountain. This college sounds like a dream come true and I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet. The Royal School of Needlework focuses on hand embroidery. You can’t imagine how ecstatic we were to learn that there was a college that had an emphasis on embroidery. We have a great appreciation for embroidery, especially hand embroidery. We understand the patience and talent that embroidery demands. We want to explore this school with you and learn more about this ancient art.


Picture of Hampton Palace, Courtesy of Wikipedia


The Royal School of Needlework maintains its campus at the Hampton Court Palace. The school and its surroundings are steeped in royal history. In 1872, Lady Victoria Welby founded The Royal School of Needlework. Lady Victoria, whom some would consider a feminist before her time, created the school with a women’s alimentation in mind. She wanted women to be able to support themselves financially and independently. She also wanted to resuscitate embroidery, which at the time was no longer a thriving art.

Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Helena would become the President of The Royal School of Needlework. She would help the school become what it is today.

princess Helena

Picture of Princess Helena, Courtesy of Wikipedia. 

In 2014, Lady Victoria’s aspirations would be fulfilled. The Royal School of Needlework is exactly what she envisioned, a school that would bring life to embroidery and would create sustainable jobs not only for women but men as well.

What The Royal School of Needlework Has to Offer

This school offers their students two degree programs in embroidery. They can obtain a 2 year foundation degree or a Bachelor’s degree. Students will learn hand embroidery techniques that will help explore their talents and establish their style of embroidery. Classes are taught by experts in the embroidery industry. All of the professors are required to have a 3 year minimum of training. Their knowledge and passion for embroidery makes them the best teachers.

Notable Clients

The students and teachers of The Royal School of Needlework have worked with many notable clients. In 2011, they assisted in creating Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Most recently, they embroidered Naomi Harris’s dress for the Oscars in 2013. Their outstanding work and attention for detail speak for it’s self. Just look at both dresses!!


Picture of Kate Middleton, Courtesy of Wikipedia.


Picture of Naomi Harris, Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Modern Custom Embroidery

Embroidery has evolved so much over the years with the development of the embroidery machine. What makes The Royal School of Needlework impressive and unique is that it takes their students back to the root and foundation of embroidery. Embroidery is a timeless art that has been crafted by different cultures and time periods. Now because of The Royal School of Needlework a new generation of artist will have the opportunity to  to rediscover the ancient art of hand embroidery.





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