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Who Said Patches Aren’t in Style?

Who ever said patches and fashion aren’t in style anymore obviously have yet to see Raf Simon’s new parka collection. Simons debuted his collection this past June in Paris. Fahsionistas were introduced to Simon’s signature parka with various patches on display.  After seeing these parkas, fashion lovers will never doubt fashion and patches again.
Raf Simons was born on January 12, 1968 in Belgium. He majored in Industrial and Furniture Design but eventually fell in love with fashion when he attended a fashion show for the first time. His life soon revolved around all things fashion. Simons would later become the creative director for Dior.
Raf Simons


Mr. Simons relishes in his privacy and is rarely seen outside of his runway shows. He is a man of mystery. Little is known about his private life. We can assume that he lets his clothes speak for him. His collection is bold and brash. Maybe his collection acts as his ultra-ego.

raf simons parka



Using patches to decorate his parka was genius! because patches can say and represent so much. For a man of few words these patches do a superb job at marketing the parkas. This designer understands the purpose of a patch and uses it to his advantage. The parka is a combination between chic and edgy.

 raf simons parka 2


His collection is for people that truly understand and appreciate fashion as an art. His parkas are not for frugal buyers, as they cost $2,138.00. Thank you Raf Simons for proving that patches and fashion are as modern as ever!

raf simons parka 3




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