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A Sale is a Sale, Right? by Emmy

November 1, 2014

A sale is a sale, right?  There are many things to consider when you’re working in sales; potential, ability to succeed, ability to satisfy your customer and profit, just to name a few.  There are some customers that make sales easy, they want something standard and easy and are willing to pay for it.  There also customers that want the most difficult products, need a lot of attention from their sales person and always ask for a lower price.

Unfortunately, the first type of customer is the exception and the second one is the norm, in my experience.  For some reason though, I’ve always gravitated to the second type of customer and for several reasons:  respect, dedication and challenge.  When you work harder than everyone else, your customer will respect you for that, you will stand out in the crowd, it’s possibly why they are so hard on you and send you the harder projects, to see what you are made of.

They need to know their sales person is going to be dedicated to them and their needs, and if that’s not something a sales person is willing to do to get the sale, imagine the lack of dedication once they have the sale?  The challenge involved in working with these customers keeps a sales person engaged and interested.  Most sales people are high-energy and love a challenge by nature, so without these types of customers, I think sales people would be bored.  Of course, we all love the first customer I mentioned but we should also appreciate the second type, because they are the ones that really need us.

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