Screen Printed Patches

Screen printed patches are an interesting alternative to embroidered patches. Generally, screen printed patches are printed onto large sheets of twill. Then a shape is cut out of the twill that includes the printed part of the design, using a laser cutter. After that part is done, a merrowed border is applied around the material, and there you have it — a screen printed patch.

Screen printed patches are usually chosen as an alternative to embroidery when the design has a lot of details that won’t be picked up with embroidery. You might be asking yourself, then why doesn’t the customer just choose a woven label patch? Screen printed patches have even more detail than woven label patches. Also many fashion brands prefer screen printed patches, over woven labels. Because of the way that screen printed patches pick up detail as opposed to other patches, you will surely be impressed by the outcome of your order.

At The/Studio, we specialize in creating screen printed patches because we have the best machinery to do so. Unlike other companies, we are one of the very few companies who do not charge outrageous prices for screen printed patches because we are lucky enough to have the special machinery to produce countless amounts. Screen printed patches are very unique because we are able to produce high quality patches that we know that you will love.

When ordering screen printed patches, you may wonder, “what will look best on a screen printed patch?” Luckily, screen printed patches are so versatile that you have a lot of leverage in choosing what you will use them for. If you are considering ordering a patch that has vibrant colors, a lot of details, and illustrations, then you should definitely go with screen printed patches. Screen printed patches pick up on details and illustrations that not a lot of other types of patches have the ability pick up on. In addition, you can print photographs onto screen printed patches, which makes them even more special and unique.

Here are some examples of screen printed patches:

  • Custom band patches
  • Custom military patches
  • Custom law enforcement patches
  • Custom name patches
  • Custom team patches

At The/Studio, we have specialized in screen printed patches for many years and we have truly mastered the art in creating the perfect patches for our customers. You can count on us when it comes to creating high-quality, affordable, and stunning screen printed patches for you at a quick turnaround.

These are examples of two screen printed patches that we recently produced for our customers.

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