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Back to the first week


The first week I came here, I studied how to use the camera equipment, took some pictures of our tumblers and patches and also reviewed basic photoshop knowledge I learned before.

My first week on the was simple and not too busy. I spent my first week learning about The/Studio and the products we offer.With Christian’s help, I now am quite familiar with the different patch options we offer at The/Studi0 , such as, chenille, embroidered, woven patch and PVC material.  I still have a lot to learn but so far so good!


My First barrier

The first week has passed and as the second week arrives ,more works arrives as well. After the first week we were able to view the photos that I took. Christian and I found some problems with the photographs that we will need to fix and improve upon. The biggest problem is that the photos are too dark.

Most of the photos appear to have a shadow in them. Also, the photos don’t look exactly like the real samples. I have found that taking pictures is one of my biggest challenges thus far. I’m not a professional photographer.  I meet the first barrier since working for The/Studio. I have to admit it’s a little stressful and frustrating.

However, I think it is normal to feel stressful when you first start a new job.  I am confident  I can deal with it. In time, I will master photoshop and taking amazing pictures.




This week I took pictures of caps and coins. I realized that I am taking pictures of so many of our different products. We often promote different products.So that means that I need to use different ways to take pictures and choose different tools on PhotoShop.





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