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Holiday Gift Preps: Something Warm and Cozy

It might be October now, but it won’t be long until the season of giving comes close, and your shop is no exception from preparing for this as early as today.

A little activity to make the season more festive is the fun of following annual traditions like Secret Santa, but getting the right presents to appreciate customer loyalty or even appreciating employees might be a little tough. 

Year after year as business owners we tend to ask what we could get our employees and customers to show how much we appreciate them.

The answer is usually something simple and practical, or you can always draw out ideas on themes from our Secret Santa Gift Series.

This week’s theme is something warm and cozy – perfect for Christmastime, right? 


Custom Socks - Gift Idea

Cold feet are nothing to sneeze about, and in wintertime, getting a chill can bring on flu. So we need to bundle up and keep the feet warm. This is why thick wooly socks become our best friends during winter.

Know some yoga, food, or sport lovers in the office? A customized pair highlighting these interests would make the perfect gift. No doubt, your recipient will love thick custom socks to keep their feet cozy and warm this period.


Custom Beanies - Gift Ideas

As much as everyone would love to sit by the window and watch the snowfall, while wrapped up in a thick blanket and wooly socks, we’ll still need to go out. Some chores can’t be put off, and other times we’ll need to step out to make snow angels.

During this holiday period, a beanie is necessary to protect our ears from the biting cold. If you’re getting a beanie for your employees, you can add custom patches with your company’s name to make it stand out.


This might be the best gift in this warm and cozy secret Santa theme because nothing spells warmth during winter than a warm jacket.

A jacket is excellent, but how do you make it look cool and stylish for your employees? You can customize your gift jackets with patches or pins to give it that extra edge. We assure you that it’ll be much appreciated. 

Scarves and Gloves 

Scarves and gloves make a perfect Christmas gift, considering how freezing it gets outside. Before you dismiss these items as common, know that you can turn scarves or gloves into something incredible. 

Need some ideas? A hot coffee-clad pair of gloves symbolizes warmth, plus it would make a great gift! How about adding unique embroidery designs to the scarves to make it pop? Awesome right?

You can also add stickers to packaged gifts. A custom hot coffee sticker with an inspirational text or brand logo will let your customers know that the package is from you. 

No matter what you give this holiday, the aim is to let your employees and customers know of how much you mean to them. If you’re interested in customizing these seemingly simple gifts, we’re right here for you.




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