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Sell Customized Patches on Ebay

Sell Customized Patches on Ebay

During these tough economic times , everyone is trying to earn more money. People are taking second jobs , rethinking their career choices and cutting back on miscellaneous things. I too have been contemplating ways I can make some extra money , one of the things I have come up with is selling customized patches on Ebay.

I came up with a line of customized patches called “The Golden Era” , it’s a collection of patches with iconic actresses from the 1950s. So far I have created a Marilyn Monroe patch , Audrey Hepburn patch and Elizabeth Taylor patch (see pictures below).

You too can come up with your own customized patch collection and sale them on Ebay! All you need is a concept and we will do the rest!

Today I am going to explain the patch process to you and how you can start selling your customized patches on Ebay! Like I mentioned before you will need a concept , think of something that is unique and something that you know people will like and want to buy.

You will need to decide what type of customized patches you want to sell , for example do want the custom patches to be biker patches or outdoor patches?

You will then need to decide on a patch backing , you need to think of which backing will be best for your customers. If you are selling a biker type patch , sew-on backing would work best. If you are selling a fashion type patch, you may want to consider an iron-on backing. The backing you choose is very important , you must think of your clientele before choosing a backing.

You will also need to think of special options that will make your customized patches stand out to your potential customers , we offer unique material that will make your customized patches one of a kind.

We have a variety of different options you can choose from , such as ; metallic thread , neon thread , crystals , and much more! These options will set your patches apart from all the rest!

After making these patch decisions you are ready to order your customized patches and you are one step closer from selling them on Ebay. Before production we allow our customers to see what their patches will look like before they are actually made , at this time you can make any corrections to your patches.

Once the mock-up and sewn-out sample are approved , we start actual production on your custom embroidered emblems. Once production has been completed your order will be shipped directly to you!

Now you are ready to sale your customized patches on Ebay! You will find that there is an entire section dedicated to custom patches on Ebay! Take a picture of your patches and post onto their website , then just sit back and let the bidding began! the bidding began!

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