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Shopping factory-fresh by Christian

What kind of shopper are you?


Americans love a good deal, and we also love a convenience. Now more than ever before, there are so many places and ways to shop today that people can choose from. So, where you decide to shop really comes down to personal preference and the mood you’re in. At the The/Studio, we know that there are all kinds of different shopping styles, and we think that we bring an interesting new concept into the mix.


Are you a savings shopper?

It is not uncommon to choose a Super-Big-Market like Wal-Mart in order to save time and money. Massive bulk centers like Costco that deliver the lowest prices in massive quantities. Get everything you need from vegetables to a big-screen TV, from a pair of pants to supplies for your next home improvement project.

Are you a convenience shopper?

When you don’t feel like making a huge shopping list and hauling a bunch of items to and from your car, there are also shopping alternatives. A quick run to the corner store just down the street is an easy trip just to pick up a few items, and with the convenience of lightning-fast internet and giant e-commerce websites like and eBay, you can shop in volume without even leaving your home.

Are you a freshness shopper?

More and more, farmers markets are becoming a popular destination and alternative to other. As community members bring their fresh produce and meats to market every morning, farmers markets across the US fulfill customers’ demand for the freshest food available. People are enticed by the fact that the foods are raw and organic – that they come straight from the source.


A revolutionary new way to shop

We at The/Studio are proud to live up to our name as the world’s best supplier of custom products. We go beyond the call of duty to conjure up innovative to ways to provide our customers a unique shopping experience. We strive to excel in all of the areas listed above.

Shop-from-home convenience with the lowest prices available

By maintaining the custom product industry’s most up-to-date website, we are able to make sure the difficulties of personalizing your product continually becomes easier and easier for our customers. We maintain the highest product quality, but keep a competitive edge by meeting and beating price quotes from any other company – just show us the quote! Sure, for custom products like patches and coins, savings and convenience make perfect sense, and this is what you deserve when shopping at The/Studio. But you might be wondering how our special products can be “fresh”.

Factory-fresh custom products

When you go to a farmers market, you can expect an incredible variety of fresh-picked produce. Take tomatoes for example, there are dozens of kinds to choose from, all organized into a pristine bushel of nutritious glory; all shapes and sizes, from lush giant tomatoes to tiny cherry snacks; all colors from bold dark reds to exotic greens. And they’re all brought to the market directly from the garden.

For your custom products, too, The/Studio promises close, speedy attention. No other individualized products company let’s you shop so closely to the factory. The/Studio uses the most modern IT engineering to improve your shopping experience everyday. Our Factory Cloud is an online platform we have setup to build a global community of cutting-edge factories and customers like you. At the same time you access our Factory Cloud to make comments on your custom product order, countless factory experts are also in the cloud meticulously tending to your order. By bringing customers like you nearer to the factory, your order is always delivered factory-fresh.







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