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For Shoulder Sized Patches Nothing Gets You The Detail Like Woven Patches

There is no doubt about it that embroidery is the most elegant decorative method.  Think about printing, rhinestones, woven labels, applique, etc…, nothing is quite as nice as an embroidered logo or design.  However, embroidery truly has its limitations when it comes to complicated designs on a shoulder or chest sized patch.

At Patches by The/Studio we believe that sometimes woven patches might be a preferable method than embroidery.  Here are some designs that we found recently that we recommended a woven patch over an embroidered patch. #1 – The lettering and intricate details would have never come as clearly across with embroidery, especially considering that this patch is only 3 inches in width. #2 – The details in this lady would have never come across clearly in an embroidered patch. #3 – This is a relatively simple design, at only 3 inches in width it would have been completely impossible to properly represent the man and the lettering inside the man with embroidery. #4 – The design with little children holding hands in a circle is a very ubiquitous symbol for many children’s organizations and movements.  Because we have extremely skilled digitizers and because we use the world’s best embroidery machines, we are able to pull it off.  However, the truth is that embroidery will never get the level of detail that you see on this woven patch. #5 – This particular patch would have looked very good with embroidery, but our customer was a perfectionist and they preferred the exactness of woven methods over embroidery.  As this customer did you can add a merrowed border which gives the woven patch an even more closer embroidered look. #6 – This woven label patch was designed for a military group that operates the American made Patriot Missiles.  The detail in the missile could obviously never be replicated with embroidery. #7 – This customer was insistent on having a very small but clear American Flag in their design.  The only way to accomplish this was with a woven label patch.




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