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Social Media in Sales by Emmy

Social Media in Sales

The world of business has changed a lot over the years especially when it comes to communication.  When I first started in sales just 13 years ago, most of my communication with customers was done via phone and fax.  Over the last decade more and more contact with customers is through email and now about 95% of communication with customers is email.  I even communicate with some customers through Linked In, text messages and even Facebook in some instances.

Social Media and your Reputation

While using professional networking websites like Linked In has made it much easier to get the names of potential decision makes and company info, it also adds a certain level of professional awareness.  Since I am in a professional position, it’s important to me to have a certain level of awareness as to what I’m posting, even on my personal social media pages.  Every picture and every post is preceded by me asking myself some simple questions, for example, “would I want my boss to see this post?”,  or “would I want one of my potential customers to read this post?”.  If I can honestly say yes to those questions then I post it, but if I have any question in my mind about the post, I choose not to post it.  Social media can really hurt or really help your reputation when it comes to professionalism and my professional reputation is very important to me.  I sometimes look potential customers up on Facebook and I look them up on Linked in 100% of the time, and I’m sure they are doing the same.  I feel like it gives me a inside look at who they are and helps me find a way to relate to them and/or the company they work for or represent while also displaying some level of values and morals.  The world of business is becoming more and more transparent every day and I want to make sure I am representing The/Studio is a professional manner.




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