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Something about Change by Jilly

January 12, 2015



I think most people do not like to change. The reason being because when things change, you have to change with them.



For example, our company used the same CRM for 5 years. We got to know this crm like the back of our hand! One day, our manager told us that we would be getting a new CRM that would be better for our staff and our customers. We were excited to get a better system but we didn’t necessarily want it (including myself).

new crm

When you get introduced to something new, you need time to learn and accept it. It’s not always fun or easy to learn something new. It can actually be quite difficult but if you have a good attitude and you are open to change then your experience with change might not be so bad.

Benefits of Change

Although change can be scary, it can also be a great thing! Everyone wants to grow within a company. If you don’t learn new things, how can you expect a promotion? When you show your boss that you can handle change and everything that comes with it, you are displaying that you are a hard worker and worthy of a promotion.

 Don’t be Afraid of Change

In Conclusion, never be afraid of change. Change can build confidence and make you a better you!

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