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Spring Festival by Jilly

December 22, 2014

Train Ticket

Today, I would like to talk about the Spring Festival and how important a train ticket is to get you home for the festivities!

Shenzhen is a chaotic city! There are so many people that moved to Shenzhen for work. So at the end of the year, they buy a train ticket to go back home to see their family for the Spring Festival.

spring festival in china

The Spring Festival is a big deal in China. You get time off of work to be with friends and family.

This year, the train department said that you buy a train ticket  60 days before the Spring Festival . Many people buy their ticket from the internet but unfortunately a lot of people can’t buy a ticket and are forced to stay in the city for the holiday.

Some don’t know how to buy tickets from the internet so they  buy their ticket from the train station (see image below).

train ticket for Spring Festival in China

When you finally buy your train ticket, there is an instant feeling of joy! When you have that ticket in your hand , you know you are going home!




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