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Statler and Waldorf Custom Embroidered Patches

When I was a child I used to love watching The Muppet Show , it was my favorite show for years. That show had everything , humor , originality and of course puppets. I sadly stopped watching The Muppet Show when I was 12 years old. It wasn’t a personal choice to stop watching it but rather a decision I made out of peer pressure. My friends had started watching MTV and I was still happily tuning into The Muppet Show.  When my friends found out that I still watched this show they couldn’t help but tease me. After relentless teasing , I decided that I could no longer watch The Muppet Show. Although this decision broke my heart , I never looked back. That’s not to say that I didn’t think about the muppets , I thought about them all the time. I promise this story relates to custom embroidered patches.


You can imagine my excitement when I saw the trailers for The Muppet movie , I was ecstatic! I wouldn’t let anyone rain on my Muppet parade this time. I watched the midnight showing of The Muppet movie , I was one of the first people in line. This movie did not disappoint , it stayed true to the original show. And all my favorite muppets were featured! I walked out of the movie theater with the biggest smile on my face and with such a warm feeling in my heart.


You will never believe what happened next! Shortly after I was reunited with the muppets , Patches by The/Studio received an order from someone that was connected to the new Muppet Movie. He wanted to us to create Statler and Waldorf custom embroidered patches. For those of you who don’t know who Statler and Waldorf are , let me give you an brief introduction.


Statler and Waldorf are puppet icons. They are grumpy old men who insult the other Muppets from their balcony seats, they are so funny! They were actually named after two famous New York hotels, The Statler Hotel and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Waldorf’s wife’s name is Astoria.


Now that you know a little bit about these muppets , I would like to describe the custom embroidered patch we created. We used 100% embroidery coverage on this custom embroidered patch. We also used yellow , black , grey , red and tan threading. I am so proud of our production team , their talent is displayed perfectly on these custom embroidered patches. The detail is amazing , Statler and Waldorf look exactly the way they look on T.V. This is one of my all time favorite custom embroidered patches.

Below the custom embroidered patch is an actual picture of Statler and Waldorf, they look identical!


And that is how I was able to reconnect with my Muppets past! It was such an honor being able to create custom embroidered patches for such an amazing movie.  We understand how important it is that we create a custom embroidered  patch that truly resembles your logo or product. We have been fortunate to create custom  embroidered patches for many iconic brands, this is what sets Patches by The/Studio apart from other patch companies , we have the skill and the experience. Allow us to create your custom embroidered patches , our custom embroidered patches will leave you in awe.



In honor of this amazing custom patch ,enjoy some of my favorite Statler and Waldorf quotes!


WALDORF: They aren’t half bad.
STATLER: Nope, they’re ALL bad!


STATLER: I wonder if there really is life on another planet.
WALDORF: Why do you care? You don’t have a life on this one?


Statler: Well, that was different.
Waldorf: Yep. Lousy…
Both: …but different!


Waldorf: Bravo, bravo!
Statler: Why are you yelling bravo? Did you like it that much?
Waldorf: Nope; friend of mine, Joe Bravo, he’s sitting in the front row. Bravo!


Waldorf: (commenting on the scenery for Piggy’s number) Isn’t it lovely?
Statler: Yeah. Too bad they’re gonna spoil it with a pig.


Waldorf: I wish Gene Kelly would teach me to Charleston.
Statler: I wish Gene Kelly would DRIVE you to Charleston!





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