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Studio Patches Will Do Absolutely Anything To Get You Your Patches On Time

Our patches are manufactured in China.  This surprises a lot of customers but 95% of all embroidered patches in the United States are manufactured abroad, with almost all of them being manufactured in China.  We also want you to know as a customer that although we manufacture our patches in China, we still spend more money on staff and vendors in the US than all other countries combined.

Anyway, right now its the Chinese holidays and almost all of our competitors have their operations completely shut down right now because all of the factories are closed in China.  However, because we are one of the largest suppliers of embroidered patches our factories agree to stay open even during Chinese holidays, which puts us at a huge advantage.  We had two customers this week that had soccer tournaments on Saturday and only placed their order this week and needed the patches to be complete and in their hand by Saturday.  Of course none of our competitors could even come close to meeting this deadline because their suppliers don’t even open until next week.

We however took the order and promised the customer that although the patches are manufactured in China, we could still have the patches in their hand by Friday morning.  We made an urgent call to the factory and told them that the patches must be ready and in our China office by Thursday afternoon so that we could overnight them to our customers so that they would receive them on Friday morning, in time for their tournaments early in the morning on Saturday.

Unfortunately because of the Chinese holiday Fed Ex changed their schedule at the last minute and informed us that there would be no flight on Thursday for Friday delivery.  The CEO of the company then called Hong Kong which is governed separately than the rest of China and asked the Fed Ex there if they had Thursday flights for Friday deliveries to the US.  They said that they did.  The CEO of Studio Patches then had the staff push the factories to have deliver at our office by 4:30PM.  Our CEO then called one of his good friends who lives in China and was off from work because of the Chinese holiday if he would be willing to take the patches to Hong Kong and ship them to the US on behalf of the company.

Despite the fact that Hong Kong is 2.5 hours away from our office in China, and the fact that we have to incur much higher shipping costs from Hong Kong, we only cared about making sure that the customer would receive their product on time.  The CEO’s friend made a mad dash to the Hong Kong border and arrived at the Fed Ex station just 15 minutes before the cutoff time at 7:30 PM.  We made it just in time, and fortunately a total of 600 children will have their patches for their tournaments on Saturday morning.




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