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Take A Walk With Us Down Memory Custom Patch Lane

October 12, 2015

Time goes by so fast , it seems like it was just yesterday that we created our very first custom patch. But really it was three years ago that we received our first custom emblem order. This memory we will always stay close to our hearts and will forever be imprinted into our minds. It’s memories like this that are never forgotten. We remember the name of our first customer and the custom embroidered patch that started it all. So if you would please take a walk down memory lane with me , I would be more than happy to tell you about the very first patch that Patches by The/Studio created.

Six years ago , we were not a custom patch company, we were solely an embroidery digitizing company. We had never created a custom insignia in our lives and we did not know everything we know now about custom emblems. Steve , our loyal customer , was the person that introduced us to custom embroidered patches. Steve had been a embroidery digitizing customer of ours for a couple of months , he really liked our work and trusted us completely. So one day , he asked us if we could produce 100 custom paintball patches for his paintball team. We told Steve that we had never attempted to produce a custom patch but we were confident that we had the right connections that would lead us to the custom embroidered emblem business.

Steve agreed to let us try our hand at creating custom paintball emblems. Luckily for him and us we created the perfect custom insignia. The entire patch process was so smooth , we couldn’t believe that we hadn’t thought of creating custom patches ourselves. After that we were hooked on patches , we couldn’t get enough! We wanted to know where our next patch order was coming from because we couldn’t wait to get started. The rest is patch history!

The picture below is the first custom embroidered patch we ever created. We used 100% embroidery coverage and we put an iron-on backing onto the back of the custom insignia. When our customer received these custom airsoft embelms , he couldn’t believe that it was our first time creating patches. He was so pleased with them , that he recommended us to all of his friends in the paintball community.

Thank you for taking this walk down custom patch memory lane , it’s been amazing! And a special thank you to Steve , for introducing us to the custom patch world, and also for giving us a chance to be your custom patch provider.

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