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Thanksgiving Patch by Joseph

November 24, 2014

As Thanksgiving is upon us in three days, we thought we would like get you in the Thanksgiving spirit by sharing a festive patch with you.  This patch was created  in 2009 for a high school Turkey Bowl football game.  The winning team would be awarded these patches as an award and souvenir for being the victors.

Embroidered patches actually aren’t usually thought about in this way, but they really make for excellent awards.  They are inexpensive and the award recipient either has the choice of easily displaying it somewhere in their room or office or wearing it as a badge of honor.

This particular patch reads “Thanksgiving Bowl Champions 2009”.  Most of the patch is done using a gold metallic thread, which really gives the award recipient the feeling that there is something special about this patch.  In addition to the metallic stitching we also added a metallic merrowed border around the patch

metallic thread embroidered patch Thanksgiving patch

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