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Articles on designing your own custom merch, growing your brand, and managing manufacturing as a small business.

The Benefits of Custom Patches in Employee Uniforms

Small business and startup could benefit immensely from investing in employee patches, and we have these reasons to validate it:

It Promotes Brand Identity

When you and your staff wear your uniform with a custom patched logo, you carry the brand everywhere you go.

Your staff immediately becomes your brand representatives, both at the workplace and in public. That said, a patch on your employee’s uniform will definitely catch the attention of potential clients.

While designing your custom patch at The/Studio, you may be overwhelmed with so many customization options. Regardless of what they may be, you only need to ensure that every option works with your brand guidelines.

It Fosters Teamwork

Teamwork plays a vital role in building a healthy and successful business operation. Giving your staff uniforms that represent your brand will give them a sense of belonging. Most employees already see themselves as a unit. You might as well make it official with an employee uniform patch. 

Think along the lines of an emblem. Your custom patch could be a distinctive employee badge. 

It leaves an impression on customers.

In addition, employee patches (precisely those made with quality materials and superb workmanship), can give your company a put-together appearance. 

They improve your brand’s aesthetic and distinguish your company from others. And with a more unique and professional image also comes more integrity that may attract more clients.

Getting Custom Patches for Your Employee Uniform

You’re probably considering what patch color and size would look great on your employees’ uniforms, and for that, we’re always here to help you out in creating durable and striking patches that would best represent you and your brand.




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