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The History of the Girl Scouts and More

The History of Girl Scouts and More!


by Jehan Loren


Girl Scout History

Girl Scouting was first introduced on March 12, 1912, in Savannah Georgia. Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low was responsible for organizing the very first Girl Scout meetup (way before even existed). With 18 girls, their first meeting was considered a success.
Low was a woman ahead of her time. During a time where woman’s roles were defined and their options limited to housework and childrearing, Low wanted more for herself and the women in her community. She wanted women to feel empowered to explore the outdoors and be able to fend for themselves.

Her dreams were soon realized in 1913, The Girl Guides America became The Girl Scouts of the United States and things quickly progressed from there. By 1920, there were 70, 000 members. Members of the Girl Scouts of the United States, were doing things they had never done before, hiking, camping and playing basketball. This was a new way of life for women during the 20’s.

Low died in 1927, but her legacy is alive and well in 2016. The organization she created so long ago, has stood the test of time and has since evolved. This organization is not just known for their resourcefulness, but for their inclusiveness and kindness. They have sculpted generations of girls into strong women that have become pillars of their communities.

Girl Scout Patches

Girl scout patches have a rich history of their own. Earning a girl scout patch or badge is a true honor, one that is bestowed upon a girl scout that is committed to the organization. Patches are not given, but they are earned through fulfilling various activities and experiences.

There are 7 different legacy badges that a girl scout can earn:

First Aid
Girl Scout Way

Girl Scout Patches and Badges should be worn on the official Girl Scout sash or vest. Every patch and badge is worn in a particular order and direction, that is determined by the organization.

Below are some of our favorite Custom Girl Scout Patches that we have had the honor of creating:


Girl_ Scout_Emoji_Patch



Helpful Tips when ordering Girl Scout Patches

Here are some helpful tips that we have picked up along the way, after creating thousands of Custom Girl Scout Patches:

Tip 1: Most Girl Scout Patches are about 3″ in size.

Tip 2: Make sure you know the difference between 50% embroidery, 75% embroidery and 100% embroidery. Embroidery percentage makes a huge difference in the way your patch comes out. Ask your creative specialist if you are not sure.

Tip 3: A Merrowed Border will make a huge difference in the appearance of your patch.

Tip 4: Add special options, such as rhinestones. Rhinestones are always a hit with Girl Scout Troops.

The/Studio is proud to be a part of the Girl Scout legacy in a small way. When we create girl scouts patches, we are reminded of what Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low accomplished 100 years ago. She was a pioneer and champion for women through every stage of their lives.

We promise to continue to create patches and badges that girl scout troops will wear proudly. We will never forget that each girl scout patch has a legacy and a future.






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