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The/Studio Democracy

The/Studio Democracy


by Joseph Heller


The Launch of The/Studio Democracy

Dear The/Studio Community,

We are very excited and proud to announce The/Studio Democracy (, which is our new crowd funding platform that will allow our customers to design, manufacture and make money from custom products absolutely free. Our programmers and managers spent nearly half a year planning and perfecting this platform. We are still making daily improvements to the site based on your feedback.

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How it works

So here is how it works. If you have a design, or just a great idea, you choose the product that you would like to create and then submit your project. Our designers will then take your design or concept and integrate it into the product of your choice. Our designers will submit to you between 1 to 5 different design concepts for you to choose from. You have the choice of either approving one of the designs or submitting an edit on the design that you like, and they will continue to submit it to you, until you are 100% satisfied.

Once you choose a design the project will go live and people can pre-purchase your product. The product will be available for a duration of 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks, which is up to your discretion to choose. For each product we also tell you how much money The/Studio will make, and you can set any price that you would like, as long as it is above The/Studio’s set price. You earn the difference. So for example if you want to produce a bottle opener that has The/Studio cost of $5, and you want to sell it for $10, you will earn $5 for every sell that you make.

The best way to promote your product is by using your existing social network, or email list and promoting your product. Some of our customers are starting to have amazing success using Facebook advertising.

As an example when we first launched the platform I tested it by making cuff links for my fraternity Pi Lambda Phi. You can find the campaign on this link I simply took a picture of my old fraternity lapel pins and started a campaign. Within a few hours the designer, had several options for me to choose from. I chose the design option I liked the best and my campaign started. I then posted the cuff links on my Facebook and sent an email to my fraternity brother and within 24 hours, I had over 40 orders for the lapel pin. It was pretty amazing to not only see my friends buying and commenting on it on Facebook, but also sharing it on their Facebook. We ended up getting orders from people that I had never even met.


The/Studio Democracy is different than Teespring

People have asked us what makes The/Studio Democracy different than Teespring. We have two significant differences, and we think they are really game changers. First we offer free design for you. On Teespring to participate you either have to be a designer, or need to find a good designer and pay money to that designer. We think this is a huge barrier because 99.9% of the people in the world are not designers. It’s also a hassle to have to find and pay for a good designer. All of our designers, are professional designers, that went to school for design and have years of experience.

The other thing that really differentiates us from Teespring is the fact that we do real manufacturing. The/Studio’s heritage is a custom embroidered patch company. Teespring just prints designs on blank t-shirts. That is significantly different than what we do. We actually work with real factories that manufacture real products from scratch. At The/Studio we have coined the term Fashion Quality, which means that the products that we offer are of the same quality and processes that you would find used for the production of high end and large fashion brands. In fact the factories that are part of our exclusive family of factories have done manufacturing for famous brands such as Nike, Disney, Ferrari, and Timberland (just to name a few brands).

Looking Forward

To conclude what we are doing at The/Studio we are empowering anyone on earth to design and make money by producing real fashion quality products. Currently on The/Studio you can manufacture; t-shirts, caps, keychains, embroidered patches, bottle openers, beanies, lapel pins, cuff links, bow ties and coasters. We will be offering additional products every month.

We look forward to you trying out The/Studio Democracy and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are successful on this new platform. We have been having daily dialogue with our customers about The/Studio Democracy and we have already received amazing feedback.

I’d like to thank The/Studio community for their continued support in making The/Studio, the world’s largest destination for custom products.




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