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The/Studio is on Youtube

The/Studio Youtube Channel

Getting in on the Youtube trend was a no brainier for The/Studio. Seeing the rise and success of make-up and fashion Youtube Gurus, made us want a piece of the action. But how does a custom products company gain traction on Youtube? This is a question we would ask several times before “hitting the nail on the head”, so to speak.

Our Marketing Director was the definitely the brains behind this Youtube operation. He had the brilliant idea to select 5 customers, that we had previously been featured in our “Customer of the Week” newsletter and send them GoPro Cameras and have them film a video testimonial for The/Studio. After fulfilling their agreement to record a video testimonial, they would be able to keep the GoPro camera. The idea being that, no one would refuse a free GoPro Camera.

I was in charge of selecting which customers would get the GoPro Camera. I picked 5 of my favorite customers, who I trusted and who I believed would make a great case for The/Studio. I was so excited to begin  this Youtube journey. I sent out the 5 cameras with a note and instructions to each customer.

A couple of days later, I received the first video testimonial from Shark Wheel. Their video was so impressive, I knew that we had hit Youtube gold! I couldn’t wait to see the other videos. The 4 other videos did not disappoint at all! All of them were sincere, enthusiastic and dare I even say captivating.

We are a long way from Carli Bybel status (beauty youtube guru), but I think we found our niche on Youtube. What sets us apart from other Youtube channels is our customers. Our customers have allowed us to create a true community, one that is diverse in all aspects, including hobbies and careers. When you visit our Youtube channel, you will find real people, who are genuinely excited about our custom products and truly understand that we are more than just custom manufacturing company.

Here are some of our first Youtube video testimonials:


Make sure to check out more video testimonials on our Youtube Channel:




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