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The/Studio Has Their Own Factory. What Does This Mean For You?


The/Studio has some exciting news to share with you.  We have our own factory now! This has been a long time coming! We want to explain how we got to this point and what having our own factory means for our customers. After reading this blog, we are confident that you will share in our enthusiasm. 

Last September we received an order from a famous celebrity (sorry I can’t divulge which celebrity because of confidentially agreements), but we will say that this person is a big deal! The order was for more than 250,000 pieces. We decided to use a factory that we only use occasionally. We were all very excited about this order, but soon our excitement would turn into terror.

During production the factory made some major mistakes with the order. The CEO of The/Studio Joseph Heller was forced to spend his days at the factory, overseeing this order.

The order ended up turning out perfectly! We met our customer’s deadline and they were very pleased with their patches. While commanding perfection in the factory, he became friendly with the manager of the factory. This manager had a proposal for Joseph.

The Proposal

The factory manager decided to confide in Joseph, telling him that the factory he was working for was experiencing some financial difficulties. But the factory manager had an idea that would benefit him and The/Studio. His plan was to rent out the factory machines and he would only produce orders for The/Studio, we would be his one and only client. This would allow him to become his own boss and would allow us to have our very own factory.
This was a great opportunity! Our business has been steadily growing over the years, so having our own factory would be very beneficial to us. Also, the factories that we had previously worked with had other orders from different companies. Sometimes this would negatively effect our orders because the factory had so many other orders in production. Having our own factory would mean that our orders would always be first priority.
We loved the idea of having our own factory, but we had some ambivalence as well. We needed to know that the factory manager and his staff had the same standards as we did. We are perfectionist and we needed our factory to be like minded. As stated above, we had worked on an order with them before and we were not completely satisfied. The CEO of The/Studio can’t babysit every order that’s in production. We needed the factory to be self sufficient and take responsibility and ownership for their work. Could we get what we needed from this manager? The jury was still out on this question.

The Big Decision

We continued working with the factory and the manager (now turned factory owner), but still no decisions had been made. The past two months, things had gone smoothly. Our orders were being produced perfectly and the factory started earning more money because of all the business we had been giving them.
With things looking up for the factory, the CEO received a phone call that would change The/Studio forever. The owner of the factory told Joseph that the factory that he rented his machines from, had started selling all of the machines. This meant that his machines were being sold as well. The factory owner explained that the only way to save his factory and essentially his relationship with The/Studio, was for The/Studio to invest right away. Joseph had a big decision to make in a limited amount of time, so he asked himself this simple question, “Is this a good partnership?” and the past several months had proven that it was indeed!

 What Does Owning Our Own Factory Mean for Our Customers?

The/Studio owning their own factory greatly benefits our customers and here’s how:
  • Quicker Turnaround Time
  • Better Quality Control
  • Deadlines can be better met

Factory Picture 1

Factory 3

Factory 4

We are looking forward to this new endeavor and most of all we are looking forward to doing what we do best, making the best custom patches!




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