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At The/Studio We Love Animals

We would like to introduce you to four of our employees that are more behind the scenes that you probably have not met before. Please meet
Happy (the white dog), Little Black, Little White and Little Orange. Little Black, White & Orange actually put the most hours in the office
as they actually live in the office.  One day our CEO was taking a walk near the office and he stumbled across two kittens (Little Black and
Little Orange) whom had recently been abandoned by their mother. He talked to one of the park attendants and the park attendant confirmed
that the kittens had been abandoned and they didn’t belong to anyone.

Our CEO thought it would be cool to have two kittens living in the office.  At first some of the staff members thought it was a bit weird,
and everyone had to be careful not to step on the small little kittens. However, within a week everyone agreed that the kittens truly added an
extra dimension to the office.  Staff could take time out to watch the kittens, feed the kittens, and even if you weren’t paying
attention to both of these rascally brothers, they would jump up onto your lamp and insist that you play with them.

Several months later our CEO found another abandoned kitten near the office and The/Studio also adopted her (Little White).  In the beginning
Little Black and Little Orange bullied Little White, but eventually they welcomed her into our office with open paws.

In addition to our cats we also have a company dog that visits our office about once a week.  Happy is the only one of our employees that
still disagrees with the addition of Little Black, Little White and Little Orange, but we are hoping she will eventually get over it.

The/Studio belives that adopting and caring animals is important. It ended up really being a tremendous success in our office.  Do you part
like us and many of our customers.  Care for those animals that are not able to care for themselves.




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