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The/Studio’s Standard Work Ethic by Emmy


As a sales person, you have to have a certain dedication to your customer, which is to be expected, right? We all know a sales person does not handle certain aspects of the sales transaction once the actual sale is closed though. There are artists, designers, schedulers, and production workers that work behind the scenes that really make the sale become a reality. And that’s where the magic happens in my opinion.


Making Things Happen

I recently closed two sales for one of my customers, one for flip flops and one for a beach towel. I got the order well after hours with no warning, and needed assistance from every department in this company because it was a rush order. I thought for sure my emails wouldn’t be answered until the next day, since it was already 7pm and surely everyone had gone home. Much to my surprise, every email with every one of my urgent requests was answered within minutes and both orders were ready to go to production with the design files and the orders pushed through our system so there were no delays. Something that would have taken our competitors a minimum of 24 hours to process The/Studio processed within 30 minutes, with the help of employees in 3 countries all on different time zones.

How We Roll!

How do we do it? We love our customers, we are dedicated to our customers and we don’t give up until something is done, and done correctly. This work ethic is demonstrated daily by every employee at The/Studio and we truly are a team, and we truly function at a much higher level than our competition. There was nothing extra special about this order or this customer, it’s just how we roll. I owe my fellow co-workers a BIG thank you, even though I know they really don’t need it, it’s their job, and they are happy to do it! Thank you Alex, Nina, Kate, and Jojo for all your support, I’m so proud to be part of this team with you ALL! Our customers sure do appreciate it too!





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