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Thirsty for more product options by Christian

January 12, 2015

Our products have personality

The beauty of The/Studio is that we design our product offerings to satisfy our customers’ search for self-expression. To provide people with a means to materialize their ideas is what we dream about at night. Every customer’s personality is reflected in the product we help them make, and this is what drives us to continually expand our custom product portfolio to new lengths. Finding new ways to make your ideas into reality is what drives us!


Delivering more avenues for expression

Over the years, most of our repeat customers first came to us with when they needed help designing and manufacturing their own custom embroidered patches. This aspiration for a completely unique product caught our attention, so we began to research more ways, more choices that our customers could explore. We are proud to bring you an ever-growing selection of special design options. Day in and day out, The/Studio is always looking for new exciting ways to personalize your product.

Whatever the style, we have the solution

For years, we have offered various excellent patch backings and extensions that allow our customers to attach, adhere or hang their patches any way they want.

– Loop-hole extension
– Iron-on backing
– Velcro backing
– Sheet-magnetic backing
– Adhesive backing

Then since 2010, we have extended the possibilities of patches to include new patch mediums that can achieve a range of quality results:

Woven patches
Chenille patches
PVC patches


Quenching your thirst for customization

This month, we are excited to introduce a new way to display your custom patches. The newest addition to our wide array of custom products is a double-walled travel mug built with your custom patch inside — The/Studio Custom Tumblers. Our Tumblers and your patch design are a perfect match, allowing you to stay hydrated in style. And of course, we can adhere any of the various patch materials into the Tumbler. Whether embroidered, woven, chenille or PVC, this month we have the useful and fashionable Tumblers are a fresh new canvas for your logo. And yes, we’re still thirsty to launch the next cutting-edge custom option!

Click here to get started building your custom Tumblers!


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