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Tharsis Sleeps

Finally someone that shares in our delight for embroidery! Thanks to the heavy metal band, “Throne”, embroidery is getting its chance in the spotlight. In their new music video, Tharsis Sleeps, embroidery is the antagonist and protagonist. The whole story is told through embroidery. This music video is a visual masterpiece.

 Get to Know Throne

For those of you who don’t know who “Throne” is, you are about to and your ears will never be the same (in a good way). Throne was formed in 2011. The band consists of Nicos Livesey (vocals and guitar), Will Micheal (bass) and Julia Owen (drums). Their music is a mixture of heavy metal and rock, think Metallica meets Fleetwood Mac. They will be embarking on a summer tour starting in August in the U.K.


 Embroidered Music Video

Now that you have been formally introduced to Throne, let’s get back to the star of their music video, embroidery. They used custom embroidered denim patches in each frame. The music video was directed by Nicos Livesey. They used 3,000 embroidered frames during the entire music video. They estimated that 45 million embroidered stitches were used on all of the patches.


This is the first known music video to ever be made of embroidered frames. Nicos Livesey was inspired by fans of heavy metal and punk music that are known to adhere custom patches onto their clothing.


We can definitely relate to the embroidery process that was used when creating their music video. They drew all of the animation using a computer. We create digital samples also called mock-up samples on a computer. Once the animation was complete, they used embroidery software to convert the images to embroidered stitches.


A DST file is used, which strategically tells where to place each stitch.  The band then had the custom patches produced. They used a camera to take pictures of each patch and then saved the pictures onto the computer, where they were edited one last time. The embroidered patches were then ready to make their debut in “Tharsis Sleeps”.


The synopsis of “Tharsis Sleeps” is obtuse and intriguing.  The embroidered band plays astronauts who have a dangerous mission to complete. They have to locate a volcano on planet Mars and place an atomic bomb on the volcano. These three astronauts are our only hope for survival. Our human lives rest in their hands, humanity lies within their grasp (no pressure).   Their attempt at saving our existence goes horribly array. The volcano and the bomb explode, causing all three astronauts to die. Their ghost forever haunts Mars and human life is no more (gasp). Oh the horror!

embroidery music video




Don’t worry no embroidered patches were hurt during the making of this music video!


Thank you Throne for bringing life to embroidery!

Make sure to check out the video!




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