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Throwback Patch Thursdays: Retro Custom Patches

HAPPY THROWBACK PATCH THURSDAY TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!! For today’s throwback patch Thursday , I wanted to discuss how you can create a retro or vintage custom patch. I love anything retro or classic , I am a big fan of the 1950’s and 1960’s. I actually collect classic movies  , I have every Marylin Monroe movie ever made , lot’s of Elizabeth Taylor , Sophia Loren and Rita Hayworth movies and much more. My classic movie collection is quite extensive and is growing! My love for these movies has inspired me to order some custom patches with some of my favorite classic movie actresses for my personal collection. I wanted a retro feel to my emblems so I decided that I want the patches to be black and white.

There are many ways you can create a classic feel to your custom embroidered emblems , I am going to show you some of the retro custom patches we have created in the past and then I will show you the mock-up samples of the custom embroidered emblems that I customized. After reading this blog , I am confident that you will gain the knowledge needed to create your very own vintage patch , with our help of course.

The first custom patch you see below was created for the brand Pony , they wanted their patch to have a retro feel. The brand was created in the 1972 so they wanted the custom emblem to represent the era of the 1970’s. Their designer worked along side our designer to make a beautiful patch. We used retro blue , retro orange , retro red and cream. We also recommended that  Chenille embroidery be used , to give the insignia a nostalgic feel.

The second patch you see below is a great example of how using black and white thread can make any embroidered emblem look classic!

The third patch you see below is custom chenille patch , we used chenille embroidery on the entire patch , instead of normal embroidery. This little lamb is adorable , chenille gives the ultimate retro look!

The fourth emblem you see below is a vintage worn style patch , this style is perfect for those that want to create reminiscent custom insignia.

The mock-up samples you see below are of Marilyn Monroe , Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, three of the most beautiful and talented woman of their time. This sample will soon turn into a custom patch , I requested that they add rhinestones to wear their jewelry is. Stay tuned to see the actual patches! As soon as they are finished , I will share them with you!

Custom vintage patches can be like your time machine , they can take you back to a different time or place. With a retro patch you can be in 1952 or 1972! Do you have any ideas for retro patches? I am in a nostalgic mood!

* Mock- up sample coming to your computer screen soon




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