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The/Studio Top Pins of 2019 (So Far)

If you’re as obsessed with pin art as we are, you’ve probably noticed how many awesome Instagrammers are showing off their pin game in 2019 already. There are countless amazing artists and curators out there flexing their creative pin art muscles on social media, so it was hard to choose only a few of our favorites.

Here at The/Studio, we can appreciate a beautiful pin photo shoot. Here are just a few of the best pin pics we found on the internet so far this year.

Ping Pong Co makes whimsical pins.

The PinPongCo Fortune Cookie Pin

The PinPongCo Instagram account can offer you countless photos of pin inspiration you can use to create your own pin with The/Studio. One of our favorites on this account is the fortune cookie pin. This cute accessory can show off your love of Chinese food, cookies or future predictions, all in one little pin.

The designer added a small rounded background so the pin shape became a simple oval. However, this background doesn’t compromise the integrity of the lines and art. Muted and bright colors in the same shade of yellow and beige were used so this pin would be easy to match on an outfit, tote bag or other canvas. This shape and these colors also make the pin easier to stand out on a lapel.

GS-JJ's geometric shapes make great pins.

The lapelpins__gsjj Beagle Pup Pin

If you’re looking for something different to inspire your next pin art design, check out the lapelpins_gsjj Instagram account. Some of these designs use geometric shapes and different color variations to make graphics pop. The beagle pin is one of our favorites at The/Studio because the geometric shapes add a unique edge to the pin.

Many other enamel pins featured on the site also utilize these unexpected shapes and bright colors to draw the eye to the pin. No matter how small, a pin with such a unique design will stand out on any canvas.

ShopMiVida uses pale color perfectly.

ShopMiVida Dia de Muertos Inspired Enamel Pin

ShopMiVida takes artful pics of the best pin designs in 2019. These pins are unique because they use fun sayings and interesting fonts to entice the eye. The muted colors – including light green, teal and soft pink – accentuate the cute graphics of these enamel pins and make the gold and silver outlines and lettering really stand out.

When you design your own creative pin, keep these artful details in mind, especially if you plan to include text on your own pin project.

Little Shop of Gore brings movies and pins together.

Little Shop of Gore “The Birds” Pin

Want to design something a little different? This enamel pin shop has just the inspiration you need. Take a look at their “The Birds” pin and you’ll be chock-full of ideas for your own design, whether you’re leaning toward a movie-inspired pin or not.

The pin is shaped like a crow to drive home the aesthetics of this classically terrifying movie. The bright colors and sharp graphic of this recognizable scene really hit the mark.

The Mosh Potato uses color brilliantly in their Pantone Pride Pin.

The Mosh Potato Pride Pin

The pins from The Mosh Potato are all celebrations of color and whimsy, but the pin that does it best is their limited edition Pantone enamel pride pin. There’s no better way to do justice to the amazing color potential of an enamel pin than with this rainbow-tastic pin with a positive message.

The Studio Cult offers vaporwave favorites in pin form.

The Studio Cult Co MS Paint Pin

These quirky pins feature a perfect balance of irony, edge, and nostalgia. Bringing the vaporwave aesthetic to classic pop culture images any 90’s kid would recognize, The Studio Cult never fails to surprise. We especially love the big, bold presence of their MS Paint enamel pin.

We love the sharp angles and bright colors of BObTO Desgins.

The BObTO Designs Paper Jet Pin

We love the sharp, clean angles and popping colors of BObTO Designs’ enamel pins. Their paper jet plane is the perfect example of these features, bringing out the best of enamel pin art.

PSA Press has created a truly unique molded rainbow pin.

The PSA PRESS Rainbow Column Pin

The Rainbow Column pin from PSA PRESS really breaks the enamel pin mold (no pun intended). With its unique shape, bold textures, and perfect coloring, this 3D sculpted, molded, silver-cast pin has everything going for it.

The Tokyo Pins Ramen Bowl pin makes use of texture and medium for a stand-out enamel pin.

The Tokyo Pins Ramen Bowl Pin

There is so much to love about everything on Tokyo Pins’ account. Their pins play with shape, texture, and color to represent Japanese and Tokyo culture with iconic images. Our favorite has to be the Ramen Bowl Pin, which blends mediums to make for a truly original pin. With two separate sections connected by a gold “ramen” chain, this pin is a compliment magnet for sure.

Holly Oddly marries pop culture with enamel pin art.

Holly Oddly’s The Shining Pins

All the pins from Holly Oddly combine sharp wit and elegance with pop culture references anyone would love. Nothing represents this better than the Bob’s Burgers/The Shining mashup enamel pins, like this one featuring a Burger-fied Danny Torrance in his iconic Apollo 11 sweater.


These are only a small handful of the talented and amazing enamel pin artists you can find on Instagram. And now that you’re feeling inspired by these fun themes, bright colors and cool designs, it’s time to make your own.

Check out The/Studio’s options and get expert design help on your next customized enamel pin project today!




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