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Trade Show by Emmy

January 12, 2015

Magic Show

 The/Studio will be exhibiting at a well-known apparel and textile trade show called Sourcing @ MAGIC in February 2015 in the beautiful Las Vegas! Our CEO Joseph, myself and our content writer Jehan will be working the booth, so come see us if you’re in the neighborhood!


 As we work on the materials and info we are putting together for the show I come to realize a few things about The/Studio and the people I work with. First, we do so many different kinds of products it’s hard to focus on our core products because we do all our products so well. Second, we have an amazing, intelligent and supportive team here at The/Studio, we are all working long hours and our ideas are well-thought out, thorough and creative. Everything The/Studio does we strive to be the best, most-fun, and open to new ideas and suggestions on how we can be better as a company, as a team and offer better products. Come see all we have to offer as a company for yourself Feb 16th-19th in Las Vegas! Hope to see you there!

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