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Tradeshows & American Idol by Emmy

Through to Hollywood!

Last week, The/Studio did it’s first trade show in a long time, and I felt like the entire process was similar to being a contestant on American Idol, figuratively speaking.  We are already well known in the patch and emblem circuit, doing gigs around the world since 2006, but our goal for doing this show was to build our fan base and tap into the trims and label market on a larger corporate scale.  This show was in a sense our audition on American Idol and personally, I feel we nailed it and are through to Hollywood!  The/Studio managed to get over 300 votes (leads) in our short 4 day show, we met some amazing fans and had so much fun learning about their ideas and business ventures! 



The Hard Work Doesn’t Stop…..

The hard work doesn’t stop there though, that’s actually where the real hard work starts.  Now our fans (customers) are involved and have high expectations for The/Studio, we must perform at the same level we did leading up to the show, if not better, because we need to keep our fans coming back for more.  We must continue to work as a team to also out perform our competitors.  I’ve never been so confident in this company as I am today after seeing all the hard work this company was wiling to put into our show in order to be successful.  I think Keith, J-Lo and Harry would be proud of us and if all goes as planned, The/Studio will go Platinum in 2015 and maybe even make it into the Trims Hall Of Fame!





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