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Training & Sales by Emmy

Anyone who has even gone into a specialty store to purchase something has had a product specific question at one time or another.  Imaging your experience asking an associate a question about a product you’re considering buying and they cannot answer you.  It would be very difficult for you to justify spending your money on something you don’t fully understand.  What would you do?  Ask another associate?  Go somewhere else?  Or would you buy the product anyway?

If it were me, I would be completely unwilling to spend my money in a store that did not take the time to train their employees on the product they are supposed to be selling, I would go somewhere else.  I encounter a question in almost every sale from a customer who’s ordering trims, and I am always grateful I was properly trained on the products I sell.

If a company is willing to take the time to train their employee imagine what they are willing to do for their customers.  This aspect of The/Studio’s business model is exactly why we have a solid customer base, because our employees are properly trained.  We want to be the trim company our customers consider the “go-to” company for questions and problems that need answers and solutions.  After all, aren’t we supposed to be the experts?




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