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Trees of Mystery Custom Patches

Trees of Mystery Custom Patches

At Hero Patches we have had the pleasure of creating custom patches for some of the most amazing landmarks. I love adventure, travel and I especially love a great landmark! Recently we created custom patches for the Trees of Mystery. The Trees of Mystery, it is a roadside attraction in Klamath, California. This landmark is known for having unique tree formations and a Paul Bunyan statue and Babe the Blue Ox statue. Most of the trees are Redwoods,  after all the land is surrounded by Redwood National and State Parks.


Before I get into the custom patches, I want to share with you some fun facts about the Trees of Mystery and Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.


Fun Fact #1: Redwood trees average eight feet to twenty feet in diameter.


Fun Fact #2: Redwood trees are the largest living things on earth.


Fun Fact #3: Relatives of redwoods were present on earth at the same time as the dinosaur.


Fun Fact #4: Even though Redwoods can grow anywhere, they will not gain their size or stature without the correct climate. They flourish with foggy weather and 50 to 60 degree temperatures.


Fun Fact #5:  20% of today’s redwoods grew from seeds.


Fun Fact #6: There are three different types of Redwood species; Coastal Redwood, Sierra Redwood, and the Dawn Redwood


Fun Fact #7: The Paul Bunyan statue speaks to every visitor.


Fun Fact #8: The first tales of Paul Bunyan were told in 1837.


Fun Fact #9: Babe is Paul Bunyan’s sidekick.


Fun Fact #10: The Paul Bunyan and Babe’s statues are made out of wooden beams, wire and cement stucco.


I hope you enjoyed those fun facts but now it’s time for the real fun! Let’s talk about the custom patches! I first thought we would be creating custom patches of Paul Bunyan and Babe but we were asked to create custom patches of a miniature redwood tree. We used 100% embroidery coverage on the custom patches and we used red, green, yellow, brown and white threading. I love these custom patches! They truly represent this one of a kind landmark.


When you visit the Trees of Mystery, make sure to take  a look in the gift shop and let us know if you see our custom patches!


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