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True Customization by Joseph

September 1, 2014

The CEO of The/Studio  Joseph wanted to share with you what “true customization” means for our customers.

When you go to our website you will see the words “True Customization”.  This is one of the most important two words that our company uses.  At The/Studio it is our goal to make manufacturing simple.  There are a lot of companies that claim to make custom products, but actually the product is already manufactured and they are just adding embroidery or screen printing onto a pre-made product.  This is certainly a level of customization, but its not true manufacturing.  This is customization with borders, and we believe in true customization without any borders, without any rules!

Manufacturing means giving our customer the ability to imagine and create anything that they can conceive of.  Instead of offering colors for our customer’s to choose from, we tell the customer that we can match any color that they can think of, or that they decide upon with one of our creative specialists.  The options that we offer our customers are just suggestions, but we are very comfortable with going outside of those suggestions.  If a customer needs a certain material, a certain color, or a specific special option, we will spend days sourcing the product, even if its a small order.

Recently we had a customer that required a specific hue of green and blue for a custom cap that they needed to launch their new fashion brand.  The customer originally turned to us for their custom patch and custom woven label needs to decorate t-shirts and bags for their new fashion brand.  The customer found it impossible to find the specific colors that they were looking for and because they also had a specific requirement for the type of material, they found it impossible to find someone that carried this type of cap in stock.  All of the companies out there that claim to provide customization, couldn’t reproduce what the customer was looking for.  The/Studio lives and breathes “True Customization” so we gladly accepted the challenge.




Initially we went to the material market for the customer, but the customer felt that what we found did not match the Pantone color that they were looking for.  So we did what comes natural to us at The/Studio, we found a solution for the customer.  We asked the customer if they could accept their caps a few days late.  The customer agreed that if they could receive their custom patches and woven labels first, that they could wait.  Instead of searching the market for a good Pantone match, we worked with a textile factory on dying the material to create a close Pantone match for our customer (pictures below).  The customer was thrilled, and we helped execute the vision of another entrepreneur’s dream to create their own fashion brand.  Mission accomplished!!

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