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Types of Military Coins

Military coins tell a unique story. Some coins mark the trust and friendship shared by soldiers, while others are obtained through bravery and sacrifice. Regardless, marines and other military personnel carry custom coins as a sign of identity, a symbol of honor, and a source of inspiration.

Today, almost every profession imaginable uses coins as a symbol. But nothing tops the classic military coins designed for the heroic men and women who started it all.But what are the various types of military coins?

There are various types of military coins. But before we discuss the types in detail, let’s talk about the basics that makes the coin the symbol it is today.


A military coin is normally about  3 to 4 millimeters thick, thick, and 1.5 to 4 inches wide. In essence, it’s bigger than a regular coin.

However, note that the designs and styles of military coins differ considerably. Some features irregular shapes like dog tags, shields, hexagons, or even arrowheads. Also, they’re often made from nickel, pewter, and copper, and they come in a range of finishes.


Simply put, a military coin is a small coin or medallion, carrying an organization’s symbol. It is often given to someone to validate their membership in an organization or group.

You must have seen someone receiving a military coin during a military ceremony.

How about on a TV, or perhaps a movie scene? Either way, what occurs during the ceremony is this… A soldier gets honored for his bravery in the line of duty. The soldier proceeds towards a uniformed commander to collect an award.

After salutations, he puts his hands forward for a handshake. In the course of the handshake, you’ll see a sparkly metal – that’s a military coin!

Types of Military Coins

The available custom military coins are varied enough to spot the difference in style and design. Each coin is fabricated with unique metals, colors, and graphics. This makes it an attractive symbol of immense significance treasured by most for a lifetime. Let’s take a look at some designs and types, shall we?

Army Challenge Coins

This military coin has always had a long-established military tradition. It symbolizes the immeasurable sacrifice and time soldiers devote to serve the United States.

Army coins are particularly common in award events, as they are used to recognize each soldier’s dedication. The coin is also available in various styles, including 3D mold, antique copper, epoxy dome, and so much more.

Air Force Coins

Ever since the Air Force became a self-governing service branch,  the air force coin has remained a vital part of every Airman’s life.

Following basic training, recruits are awarded a coin and recognized as airmen officially. Although the air force coin design has improved over the years, it’s significance remains unchanged.

The coins are treasured accessories and remain a symbol of honor at military Award Ceremonies.

Coast Guard Coins

Like the army coin, the coast guard coins are used to show gratitude to the Coast Guard men and women. These coins are an excellent way to foster camaraderie, show support for the military, and build long-standing bonds.

Marine Corps Coins

For over 200 years, marines have been keeping our nation safe and free. As a result, the traditions of loyalty, sacrifice, and dedication have been part of their legendary history.

Marine coins come in various styles, as it is a great way to honor extraordinary achievements and the bravery acts of each marine. What’s more, it’s a valuable keepsake that denotes many hours of sacrifice.

Navy Coins

These coins are an excellent way to salute the gallant soldiers that serve in the US Navy.

Although small, the US Navy uses the coin to show support to the men and women that play a vital role in protecting the country.

Customizing Your Military Coins

Custom military coins are often spurred by a unit’s emblem, giving them a distinctive sense of personality.Military personnel hold these coins with pride and as a source of identity.

No doubt, men and women of the armed forces work closely. However, custom coins commemorate what makes the team unique.

Handcrafting the finest military coins is easy and fast if you choose to work with our team.We have been handcrafting military custom coins for several years. 

That’s not all… We partner with personnel from various service branches, including foreign allies to craft stunning quality coins available on the market today. Get a set of customized military coins here at The/Studio.




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