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Types of No Slip Socks

Black, brown, dull, and drab… people often use these words to categorize every day no slip socks. Not anymore. Over the years, custom no slip socks have become a fashionable novelty used by many to show support, make a statement, or showcase their personalities.

You’ll often see fitness enthusiasts and fashion-forward teens wearing amazing cool socks and forging new trends. Plus, you can find a pair almost anywhere.

But why are these socks so common and popular? 

The benefits of non slip socks are a no-brainer. Slippery surfaces are unsafe, and that’s why you need the best no-skid sock. Whether you want to exercise or walk down a newly-waxed floor without falling, these unique socks provide the best grip between your feet and the floor.

The Features of No Slip Socks

Non slip socks look like the regular pair — save the bottoms, though. On the bottoms, you’ll see rubber-like designs on the soles, which provides a skid-free surface as you pose or exercise. 

Some older adults use them to walk on the floors of hospitals while some use them in a studio. Either way, they give a lot of stability and steadiness.

The Types of No Slip Socks

No slip socks come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet a variety of needs. So choosing the ideal socks will largely depend on your preferred support level, therapeutic need, and personal preference.

Here we go with the various types of no slip socks.

Gripper Socks

The gripper socks feature a skid-resistant treading to prevent slips and falls. Plus they won’t tear even if you pull so hard. Also, the gripper socks have a design that is perfect for patients in hospitals or nursing homes.

Double Tread Socks

For many elderly people, slipping can be dangerous. The Double Tread Sock can help prevent slipping by giving more traction than regular socks on slippery surfaces. And that’s not all… this sock doesn’t feel tight or bulky. It stays put during walks or any form of exercise.

If you’re searching for maximum coverage, high level of tread, and optimal balance, this sock is for you.

Single Tread Socks

The single tread sock is ideal for those who want a sock that doesn’t make the foot feel heavy. These socks also allow for security and easy motion during walks, yoga, or exercises.

The bottom also keeps the socks in place regardless of your movement, making them excellent for barre and yoga classes.

Also, the grippy material maintains stability and offers compression to reduce exhaustion and potential injuries.


Yes, no slip socks are trendy. But the more personalized, fun, and original they are the better. So, if you are searching for the perfect gift for loved ones or looking to make a bold statement, look no further than custom no slip socks.

You can create your customized non-slip socks design quickly and easily at The/Studio. Find out more about our custom no-slip socks




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