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Unique Fashion Pin Looks That Are Social-Media Worthy

Fashion is an expression of the inner self. And fashion is to expression as expression is to accomplishment. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” It’s true — we pride ourselves in effective expression, and in an ever-changing social network of opinions and philosophies, one of the greatest and most influential expressions continues to be unique fashion. Fashion pins offer a new, stylish twist on jewelry and to otherwise standard accessories with the ability to customize for every occasion or purpose.

From pins for fashion flare such as popular characters, flowers, and animals to pins for environmental or social causes, whatever the purpose may be, there are multiple ways to design custom fashion pins for your followers, eTail site customers, associations members, or donors. 

Ways to Wear Fashion Pins that are Social Media-Worthy

Social media has the attention of just about everyone today. That’s why selecting custom fashion pins that are social media-worthy will make all the difference to your online shop’s product line, and to your employees, customers, and social clubs which wear these unique fashion pins in various ways such as:

Social media-specific pins:

• Hashtag pins with your most interesting message in bold colors

• Emojis and icons. Imagine wearing your favorite emoji on a fashion pin and capturing an image to share on your favorite social media channel

• Follow us @ pins for recruiting social media followers

Novelty pins for eTail and eStore sites including:

• Flowers. Roses are a popular choice for lapel pins, along with Spring favorites like irises, daffodils, and tulips

• Nature. Trees, plants, sea life, parks, and recreation are often a favorite for expressing your natural outdoorsy appeal

• Life quotes. Do you have a life quote? Many people select a life quote, and as an eStore, you can carry multiple common life quotes or Bible verses within your fashion pins collection

• Animals. Your favorite dog, cat, or farm animal can be created as a custom pin for jean jackets or backpacks — perfect for delighting your Instagram followers 

• Butterflies and birds are often used for glamming up your dress coat or handbag  

• Ladybugs are ideal for a tween and children’s collection for casual apparel

• Characters: Television or movie characters are a popular way to show off your interests or support for specific fandoms

• Seasonal pins: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer pin collections enable eTail sites and small businesses to keep up with the time of year with visual impressions on custom-designed fashion pins

• Face pins offer personalized face images from a simple photograph or basic image file

• Favorite foods and snacks: From Cheetos to chips to cookies, food and snacks rule a good part of our day. It’s fun to add our favorites in a collection of custom enamel pins

Men’s and Women’s Clubs:

• Men’s and women’s association meetings and conventions. Associations can custom create a pin with an organizational logo and a complementary image for conferences, trade shows, galas, rallies and meetings

• Social clubs and supper clubs. A trend on social media posting is to gather your groups at social and supper clubs. This is where your group, customers, and members can express a fashionable look via custom enamel pins

• Media groups and book clubs offer a distinct way to express your interests through movies, the Internet and book pins


• Environmental activists can show support for the planet on backpacks, jackets, shirts, beanies, and more

• Social and political causes offer reasons to create fundraising and promotional items such as fashion pins and hats

School pins:

• High school and college alma mater soft enamel pins offer a distinguished extra for letter jackets, uniforms, oxfords, and more

• Technical/trade school pins for various professional trades

• Art pins offer a distinctive look that can be customized from your drawing or simple artwork idea

• Music is a way to the soul and custom fashion pins for band, orchestra, and music events can be a great way to show support for your favorite group

• Athletics pins and socks can show off your team motto or mascot

Company brand extension into pins and patches: When you’re preparing for a new year and a fresh company image, it’s impressive to launch a new logo along with promotional items for customers and employees

Travel pins: When you go on adventures, you probably take a lot of photos. Unfortunately, you can’t wear those! What you can do, however, is transfer your images to custom pins. Consider pins for:

• Landmarks. Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, your offset printed image from your photo can help you start a collection for your leather jacket or backpack

• City, state, country, and passport-stamped pins will help define your style or themed apparel depending on your mood

Fashion-forward pins:

• Glitter enamel pins are great for sharing images on Pinterest

• Designer-specific pins make your Instagram followers sit up and take notice

• As an alternative to jewelry. Pins that look like or take the place of jewelry including cufflinks, collar pins, everyday, and formal accessories

• Fashion week small MOQs of accessories in custom packaging

Fashion accessory eStore collections in shiny gold, silver, or gunmetal

Whatever your reason may be, creating your unique fashion pin calls for a quality manufacturer who can offer all of your custom design needs with a simple-to-order, lower per-unit pricing, and in low minimum order quantities (MOQs). 

Creating Your Unique Fashion Pin

Social media is here to stay, and if you’re an eStore or small business owner, association leader, or social media influencer, you can stay ahead of the times with a collection of unique fashion pins that are truly photo-ready.

The/Studio can help you easily create any of these unique fashion pins via our creators’ on-demand tool which enables you to choose the size, color, material, backings, and MOQs for your custom fashion pins. We offer free custom design services, along with free shipping and a full array of potential customization possibilities. Your pins will be in the spotlight on social media in no time.

The/Studio offers unique custom fashion pin looks that are social-media worthy, enabling the custom design of your pins in low MOQs at lower per-unit pricing. Contact us or create your product today.




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