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Update on the Magic Tradeshow by Joseph

A Letter From the CEO of The/Studio

Hello Everyone,

As everyone knows The/Studio participated in the first trade show in a very long time.  A special thank you to Emmy for encouraging us to get involved in the trade show this year.  Also Emmy was very helpful in coordinating everything to make the trade show a success.  Most of you don’t know this but Emmy’s flight was cancelled the night before she was supposed to fly to the show because of extremely bad weather in her state.  Literally there were no flights out of her entire state to Las Vegas until Wednesday, which would have meant that she would be too late for the show.  Emmy drove 8 hours in the snow (planes were not allowed to fly out of the State, so just think how bad the storm was that she was driving through), and took a plane from another state just so that she could make it for the show.  I was really humbled by her dedication and willpower to get to the show.  Once there Emmy did a brilliant job at representing our company.


In addition Joseph, Christian and Alex, all three of you did an amazing job helping us to prepare the marketing material that we needed.  Joseph, you really did an amazing job with the design of our trade show booth, and our marketing material.  In the entire Magic Sourcing our booth really looked the best, and it was only our first time exhibiting.  Think about how good its going to look when we have more time to prepare and we have more experience.  In fact several designers even came up to me and said they really appreciated our sense of design.  Joseph you should be really proud of the work that you did on this project.


Christian truly stepped up and took ownership of the project.  The project would not have been completed on time or as well if Christian didn’t step in and make sure that he coordinated between everyone involved in the project.  I was actually traveling during most of the time that Christian was completing the project and it was a great feeling to know that Christian was taking ownership of the project.

Furthermore, Alex got the marketing material done even though it was truly last minute.  Alex worked with the factories to get the most important marketing material done on time, despite Chinese New Year, and despite the fact that everything was completed past the cutoff time.  The quality of the marketing material was truly good quality and represented our company well.  Also, Alex was the one that collected all of the custom patch, woven label, hang tag, leather, coin and other samples that we used to decorate the booth.

Greg also played an important role in the project by always being there to provide constant feedback on how to improve the marketing material.  My Mother provided key last minute support by helping us to find business cards, and helping Emmy purchase other last minute items.  Katrina was a huge help by suggesting that we put our trim examples on the side walls.  It really completed our display, and it would not have been nearly as aesthetically pleasing without this.  Lastly, thanks to Jehan for being our logistic support at the trade show.  Without Jehan’s support, myself and Emmy could not have focused on what we needed to do.

Bottom line is this was one of the best team efforts that I have ever been involved in.  Everyone really stepped up to the plate and did an amazing job and the results speak for themselves.

The result is that we had way more people at our booth than any other company that I saw, and myself and Emmy were truly confident in speaking to potential customers, because we were supported by really good material that we were both very proud of.


We got some really excellent opportunities from this show.  Greg and Alex I’m confident that your teams will support Emmy with all of her needs.






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