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Update On Patches by The/Studio Mascot

Just to refresh your memory about a month ago  , I introduced you to the mascot of Patches by The/Studio , Monroe. I wanted to give you an update on Ms. Monroe and tell you what she has been up to lately. Monroe has been very busy with her duties as the official mascot of Patches by The/Studio. She has been attending dog friendly events to promote our company and she has been bombarded with obsessed fans. Since announcing to the world that she is the mascot and face of Patches by The/Studio , she has been contacted by several magazines , newspapers and talk shows. Monroe has been overwhelmed with her new found popularity and wants a break from all the fame but before she takes her long awaited vacation, she has decided to do an exclusive patch interview with Times Custom Patch magazine. Below is the full interview! Enjoy!

Times: How do you like being a mascot for Patches by The/Studio?

Monroe:  I love being the mascot for Patches by The/Studio. It’s so fulfilling and it has really been a dream come true!

Times:  What do you like about custom patches?

Monroe: Custom patches a great way for one to express themselves and showcase their personality. And they are so much fun! We offer so many special options that can really make your custom emblem stand out!

Times: Which special option do you like the best?

Monroe: Rhinestones of course! Because rhinestones are a girl’s best friend!

Times: What custom embroidered patch has been your favorite?

Monroe: The Marilyn Monroe patch we did. It was beautiful!

Times: What do you like to do when your not working as a mascot for Patches by The/Studio?

Monroe: I like to go for walks, eat , sleep , play with my other dog friends , get my belly rubbed and howl.

Times: What’s next for Patches by The/Studio?

Monroe: We will continue to be the best patch company in the world and have the best mascot.

Times: Thank you for your time Mrs. Monroe , it’s been wonderful talking to you.

Monroe: Thank you ever so!

I hope you enjoyed this interview! Monroe will be taking a short vacation but will return to her duties soon but our creative specialist are standing to assist you with your custom patch order. If you mention Monroe to your creative specialist , you will receive a 15% discount on your custom patch order! This offer starts NOW until July 1st!




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