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US Flag Keychain

March 23, 2015

US Flag Keychain


Last Friday, Christian sent me two US flag pvc keychain designs.  We want to give these keychains to every customer that places a order with The/Studio.  We decided to do this because it helps us promote our PVC Products and it helps us keep our business relationship with our customers.



Getting Quotations

To get price quotes for these keychains, I need to communicate with our factories. I sent the design to the production team and asked for prices for different sizes and chains. I chatted with three different factories. I had so many questions for them. I think they were loosing their patience with me.  Finally, I made an excel sheet including all the information I need to know and then send it to all of the factories. I pushed them to fill out the excel sheet and sent it me again after they finished it. I think this solution is better. They are cooperative and gave me back the price quotes that I needed.



We have gotten three quotes from three different factories and then we compare the prices. Whichever factory offers the lowest price is the factory we want to work with. It doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the quality. Quality is one of the biggest factors in which factory we choose.  If the quality is the same but the price is lower, we will choose the factory with the low prices.


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