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VIP Customers by Emmy

I recently started working with a large (4.8 Billion Dollar Company) potential customer on a few quotes for some of the woven labels they currently use.  In speaking to them they shared something unbelievable with me:  their current supplier (one of the largest label suppliers in the world) has been unresponsive to their requests and they no longer want to work with them as a result.  After expressing my empathy to the customer I also let them know that at The Studio, they would be considered one of our VIP customers and we would be happy to jump through hoops of fire for them if that’s what we had to do.

After a quick chuckle, the customer told me he wants nothing more than to award me the label business we were quoting on for them, of course that was music to my ears but it got me to thinking.  Every company has a mix of small, medium and large customers.  I think it’s safe to say most businesses are made up of about 80%-95% small and medium sized customers and only about 5%-20% larger customers.  Let’s think about this for a minute in terms of dollars, all hypothetical of course, but humor me…If said company does $1,000,000 in sales annually, about $800,000-$950,000 of those sales come from small and medium customers and only $50,000-$200,000 comes from their largest customers, shouldn’t they be paying attention to those small and medium sized customers??  Of course they should! I’m actually secretly happy they aren’t though because I know The Studio will, which, if awarded this business it’s good for me AND my customer!

As a sales person, we always want to land the big fish, but at what price?  We need to always remember that Target and GAP were not always as big as they are now, and we all have to start somewhere, so pay attention to ALL your customers.  Treat them all like VIP customers and your sales numbers will continually go up and up and up.

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