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We Can Match Any Pantone Color

We Can Match Any Pantone Color

We take great pride in the fact that we can match any pantone color. We know how important colors are to a custom patch and we understand that our customers usually have very specific color requirements. If the right color isn’t used , a custom patch can be ruined completely , we make sure that your custom embroidered patch is exactly what you had envisioned , no surprises!  You can take solace in knowing that when you receive your patches , you get exactly what you saw on your approved sewn-out sample.

We offer over 10,000 different thread colors and over 1,000 different twill colors so there’s no way that we won’t be able to find an exact color match. You can view some of the thread and twill colors on our website , you can make the most colorful custom insignia with our vibrant color choices. Choosing the right pantone color for your embroidered emblem is essential , it sets the tone of your patch and sends a direct message.

The custom logo patch that you see below what created for a well known company , their logo is very recognizable so the colors had to look identical to their logos that you see on T.V and on billboards. We matched the pantone color perfectly! If we were unable to match the pantone colors, this custom logo emblem would be unrecognizable. Using the correct  pantone color is key to creating the perfect custom embroidered logo patch.

When ordering your custom patches , let us know the Pantone color that you would like us to match. If you are unsure of what Pantone color you would like us to match , we are pleased to offer Pantone color matching at no extra charge. Also, our creative specialist and designers are extremely knowledgeable in choosing the ideal thread colors and twill colors to bring your vision to life!

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