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We don’t just manufacture; We Manufact-CARE by Christian

Making manufacturing fun and easy

The world of manufacturing is always difficult to navigate, especially if you’re looking for a custom product. However at The/Studio, we work everyday to streamline all processes from our factories to your doorstep. We take your product and design ideas, then make them into reality – passing through various touch points to bring you a quality custom product in record time. Even more importantly, as our company’s CEO and President advocate time and time again, we believe that True CustomizationTM should be fun and easy. Team members at The/Studio speak both your language and factory language. We promise that for every order, we’ll be able to understand your product needs and requirements, then “translate” them fluently throughout every step of customization.

Let’s take, for example, one of our special products, and elaborate on how we make individuals’ dreams into custom reality.

 Caring about your achievements

One of our customers sent us a sketch of a patch that they wanted to create. The customer knew that they wanted the patch to be about 5 inches, so we were able to supply an approximate price quote instantly.



Our friendly Production & Design Specialist took the initiative to contact the customer by phone, in order to learn even more about the customer’s specific needs. But one of the first things our customer said was, “Congratulations.” It was clear from the patch design that the customer wanted to create a varsity patch to represent their achievement as a swimming champion across the entire state of Texas. Our team understands that there is almost always a deeper meaning behind the products we make for our customers, and that is one very exciting aspect of our jobs.

Taking an interest in our customers’ stories is another reason why we provide the best service in the industry. Another question our representative asked was, “would you like this patch to incorporate chenille?” The representative explained further, “Custom chenille patches use a special thick yarn and embroidery method to achieve a soft, fuzzy 3D effect – very popular for varsity jackets for high schools and universities”. Yes! Chenille was precisely the kind of patch the customer wanted. And this is yet anther example of how our industry knowledge makes the customization process enjoyable for all our customers. More than your product requirements, we celebrate our customers’ goals and successes.


 Knowledgeable about your needs

“Even though Chenille embroidery adds that special touch to your patch, it’s often difficult to product small lettering and designs with that medium.” Our representative explained, “But not to worry! We can actually add on traditional embroidery, so that your patch will be beautiful and legible!” Putting in the extra effort, our specialist recommended metallic thread for the area that the customer marked “blue”. Our customer representatives are always seeking perfection in every custom made patch, and our experience in materials and manufacturing make choosing the best special options simple. Our customers don’t need to be well versed in factory management, because we’re always about to clearly describe the technical aspects of custom manufacturing.

Having collected all the information, the specifications were then handed over to our professional designers, who then within 24 hours designed an accurate mockup of the patch. Having been so thorough, the mockup was approved, and production started immediately. Making high-quality custom products is just the beginning of what The/Studio offers each customer. More than that, we take pride in our work and celebrate what our customers stand for. We give personal attention to every order, making sure that the customer gets exactly the product they’re looking for every time. Trust that we will strive to give you a fun an easy experience step-by-step, towards creating your custom product. This is just one based-on-a-true-story account of how we helped a customer create their custom chenille patch, but we bring the same level of service and expertise to every order. At The/Studio, we make the complicated world of manufacturing simple.





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