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What are 5-Panel Hats?


The secrets of 5-panel hats… finally revealed! Read on to learn everything you need to know about 5-panel hats, and how to make your own! 

While most people think of 6-panel hats when they think of ball caps, the standard 6 panel-style isn’t the only type of custom hat you can create. Another unique style of hat is the 5-panel hat. 

But what exactly do the terms “5-panel” and “6-panel” mean? What are those “panels” that everyone is on about? 

custom 5 panel hat

Read on to find out!

What are 5-Panel Hats? (The Million-Dollar Question!)

The word “panel” refers to the panels around the crown of the ball cap. So, 5-panel hats are made of 5 individual triangular panels of material. On most hats, this material is 100% cotton, but when you make hats with The/Studio, it can also be corduroy, polyester/mesh, faux suede, faux leather, acrylic/wool blend, or another material. 

In any case, these five panels run top to bottom, from the edge of the hat to meet together on the top of the crown. Meanwhile, 6-panel hats (what you think of when you think of a traditional ball cap) are made with six panels, not five! It’s that simple. 

So where does that extra panel on 6-panel hats go? Well, a 5-panel hat has a singular front panel, instead of the two panels stitched together that appear on a 6-panel hat. This makes 5-panel hats the best choice for custom hats with detailed designs on the front. A pattern can never be printed in the middle of a 6-panel hat because of the front seam between the two panels. 

(We also offer 5-panel hats with a pinch-tucked front panel, making it broader and flatter, with maximum space for an elaborate design.)

What Should You Know about 5-Panel Hats

Originally inspired by hunting caps, 5-panel hats are extremely trendy. They’re cheaper to make than 6-panel caps, and sit shallower on the head, allowing for a more relaxed fit. 

Brands like Supreme and figures like Tyler the Creator are known for repping 5-panel hats, but they were popular as early as the 1980s and 1990s. 5-panel hats are popular with skateboarders, fashion brands, outdoor enthusiasts, and many other genres, especially alternative scenes and styles.

Now That You Know What 5-Panel Hats Are…

It’s time to create your own custom 5-panel hats with our help! You can choose from a variety of materials, profile shapes, closures, bill shapes, embroidery, and more when you create with The/Studio, not to mention all the extras and add-ons, like custom stitching, patches, and hang tags!

You can use our Create Tool to design the hats all by yourself if you have a design all ready to go. But if you don’t have your own design, don’t sweat it! Simply contact one of our Creative Specialists using the “Help” option at any point during the process, and they can whip up a design for you free of charge based on your ideas. They’ll also help you through every step of the customization process, from the concept to the design to placing your order.

Now it’s time to put your vision into practice and make your own 5-panel hats! 

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