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What are Gingham Patches?

 What are Gingham Patches  

Oppan Gangnam Style ,Gangnam StyleOp op op op oppan Gangnam StyleGangnam StyleOp op op op oppan Gangnam Style Do these lyrics sound familiar to you?  These are the lyrics to Gangnam Style by PSY , I love this song! It’s so catchy!

When customers see that we offer gingham patches they scratch their head in confusion , they automatically think we have patches with the singer PSY on them. If you wanted to order a custom PSY patch, there’s no judgement here. We can defiantly accommodate your request, but unfortunately gingham emblems have nothing to do with PSY or his famous song.

I would like to explain what gingham patches are, so there is no more confusion! Gingham is a checkered print fabric , this fabric was imported from England in the 17th century. Think of the dress Dorothy wore in Wizard of Oz (see picture below) or the dress that Mary Ann wore on Gilligans Island (see picture below).

We use gingham fabric on patches to create a unique look , Patches by The/Studio uses the highest quality gingham material. We are one of the only custom patch companies that offer gingham as a patch option. Gingham patches are an additional 20% , we not only offer a checkered print design  but we also offer a striped design.

We have a variety of colors available , pink , blue , yellow , purple , red and green. You can use this material on any custom patch , it’s such a fun and colorful option! gingham embroidered emblems are perfect for spring or summer themed custom patches.

I hope I was able to clear up any confusion about Gingham patches , please spread the word that Gingham and Gangnam are two completely different things. They do have one thing in common, they are both awesome!

gingham patch

dorothy wearing gingham

maryanne wearing gingham




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