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What Group Patches Can Do For Unity

Being part of a team, group or family is an incredibly fulfilling feeling. You’re valued, needed and one part of a greater whole. It’s perfectly fine to admit that makes you proud. And it’s even better to display that pride with group patches.

Patches from Patches by The/Studio serve as a quick, easy way to visually identify with your group. By wearing your team logo you can feel a part of the group no matter where you are. People will recognize you and connect you with something larger.

Teams and Service Groups

Want your team or service group to keep the team spirit or group mission in mind wherever they are? Give them patches to wear on their clothing or attach to their purse, briefcase or baggage. This quick visual keeps that spirit of unity close to mind no matter where they might be.

Patches also help to identify a team or group when they’re travelling together or hanging out beyond the diamond, rink or meeting hall. They can be subtle reminders that help the members to keep the group in mind or they can be more prominent and bold, letting others know where loyalties lie and displaying the team or group spirit you know is deep inside every member.

Causes and Events

Patches from Patches by The/Studio are a tool to use during an event or when raising awareness of a cause. Depending on the size and layout patches can help spread the word about something, giving a small teaser of information that catches people’s eyes and sparks their interest.

Use them on merchandise to give away or at the event. Patches allow the participants to feel more united and determined. It may even make them more accountable, if that’s what you’re striving for.

Because of the versatile manufacturing methods, patches come in a vast selection of designs. They can also be attached using adhesives, Velcro, pins or a magnetic design. All of this selection makes it easy to find the perfect patches for your group.

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