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What If I Only Need 1 Custom Hat?

If you only need to make a single custom hat (or a single merch of any type), don’t worry. With The/Studio, you’re in luck!

We’ve made thousands of custom hats for thousands of clients. “What if I only need one custom hat?” is probably our most frequently asked question. And hey, we get it! It’s understandable to ask that. 

One of the coolest things about custom hats in the first place is that they’re truly unique. You get to choose the design, the style, and the add-ons. That hat is 100% YOUR CREATION. So it makes sense that some people aren’t looking to make custom hats to sell, they’re just looking to make a custom hat that is truly one-of-a-kind, for them to wear, and for them only (or to give as a gift, perhaps)!

custom green hat with patch

So, What’s the Answer?

If you only need one custom hat, the answer to your problem is simple. You need to find a custom hat company that doesn’t have an MOQ. MOQ is an acronym that stands for “Minimum Order Quantity.” 

What’s that? Well, some custom manufacturers require you to have a certain amount of custom items in your order. For example, you might be required to make 10, 20, or even 50 custom hats, even if you only want one. 

That’s fine if you’re looking to sell hats, or maybe make them for a large club or organization with tons of members, and increased order quantity does make for lower prices per individual hat. But what if you don’t need that many? What if you just want one hat for yourself, or to give as a gift to a friend, family member, or employee? You’ll need to start searching for a company without an MOQ.

It’s Hard to Find a Custom Hat Company with a Low MOQ!

Hey, we hear you! Tons of our competitors require you to purchase 50 or 100 custom hats. That’s precisely why here at The/Studio we decided to flip the narrative and go against the grain.

If you’re looking to make just one custom hat, then you need to come to The/Studio. That’s because we have NO MOQS! That means you can make one hat or you can make a thousand. There is no minimum. We don’t make you pay for what you aren’t going to use, only for the EXACT amount of hats you need, even if that’s just one single hat. Order just one hat if you’d like, or order two or more hats to start enjoying savings based on the quantity of your order.

Remember, when we talk about custom hats, we’re not talking about generic stock caps you can add a little printing to. These are customized, from-scratch manufactured caps that allow you to personalize everything about your hat, from the materials to the color to the embellishments.

Ordering 1 Custom Hat With The/Studio 

If you are ready to order one custom hat with The/Studio, you can either work with one of our Creative Specialists, or you can go through the entire process by yourself using our Create Tool. If you choose to use the Create Tool and get stuck, or want a bit of help with your design, it’s easy to reach out for help at any point in the process using the “Contact Us” box! Our in-house designers are standing by to help you with your design at ANY point in the process. 

Best of all, even if you’re just ordering one custom hat, shipping is 100% FREE. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start building your one-of-a-kind hat!

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