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Pins 101: Hard Enamel

If you’ve already taken a peek at what it would entail to make your own pins with The/Studio, you may have seen the different styles you have to choose from.

When creating your project, you can choose whether to make soft or hard enamel pins. There are slight differences in these pin styles, including the finished product and the price point. If you’re planning to create custom pins soon, it pays to learn more about hard and soft enamel, so you can choose the style that works best for you.

At The/Studio, we want your customized lapel pins to reflect your vision and style, so we allow you to choose the type, material finish, number of materials, backing attachment, number of colors and upgrade options for your project. With so many choices to make your pins unique, it can help to learn more about the hard enamel pin style before starting your design.

What are hard enamel pins?

Also referred to as “pole pins,” these enamel pins are a top choice for designers because they offer a sleek and shiny finish. The shine on hard enamel pins is created by adding each color individually and allowing each hue to bake separately onto the enamel. Once all colors are added, the customized pin is polished, revealing the shine.

Advantages of Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

If you’re hoping to make your own pins with a high-gloss finish, hard enamel may be the best customization choice for your pin style. This type of pin achieves a smooth finish, so your customized final product will not have texture like a soft enamel pin. This flat surface makes this type of pin more durable than soft enamel, since the façade cannot easily become scratched, even when exposed to the elements.

If durability is important to you and you want to ensure your custom pins can withstand coming into contact with hard surfaces, you should consider choosing hard enamel. These enamel pins are protected by the high-gloss finish, so they can last longer without damage.

Even if these lapel pins are placed on tote bags, jackets, or other canvases that see a lot of movement and contact, it is rare for this type of pin to be compromised.

Disadvantages of Hard Enamel Pins

Although these custom pins are durable and long-lasting, there are still a few disadvantages you should consider before choosing this style for your next custom project. First of all, keep in mind that hard enamel pins are completely flat and smooth. Therefore, if you were hoping for a rugged and textured pin, this may not be the best choice for your project.

The process used to create these enamel pins is detailed and time-consuming, so this style of pin also comes at a slightly higher price point. If you want to make your own pins but want to stick to a small budget and aren’t worried about durability, you may want to consider soft enamel pins instead.

It is also important to keep in mind that the process for making hard enamel pins can lead to less vivid or vibrant colors. The color integrity isn’t as sharp with this style, so your lapel pins may have more muted tones if you choose hard enamel.

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If you’re ready to make your own pins or you just want to learn more about styles and designs, check out The/Studio’s Create Tool. Get expert design assistance and browse the countless customization options today!




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