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Pins 101: Soft Enamel

If you’re ready to take on a custom pin project, you’ve made a great choice for your next creative design! Whether this is your first time taking a shot at designing custom pins or you’re a pro at creating these accessories, it never hurts to get a rundown on your style choices. At The/Studio, we want to ensure you can make your own pins just the way you want them, which is why you have tons of options.

Choosing between hard and soft enamel pins is one of the first decisions you’ll need to make when designing your pin using our Create Tool. Not sure which type of pin is right for you? It always helps to find out more about your pin style, including its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s all the info you need to know about soft enamel pins.

What are soft enamel lapel pins?

There are two different types of enamel pins to choose from with The/Studio: soft enamel and hard enamel. A soft enamel pin is also often referred to as an embossed pin. While these pins imply they are “soft,” they are still made with enamel, so you don’t need to worry about your custom project losing its shape or texture.

However, these custom pins are different because they are plated with metal die lines, then the color is added mechanically to create your customized design. This process is a bit different than that of hard enamel pins, but it can be your best choice if you are hoping for pops of color and textured details.

Advantages of Soft Enamel Pins

There are many advantages to making lapel pins out of soft enamel with The/Studio. This is often the best material choice for beginner pin designers because it is forgiving. Soft enamel creates crisp and fine lines and vibrant colors, which can make any design look professional and truly stand out.

The price point for this pin material is also usually more affordable, depending on your options, allowing you to experiment with a smaller investment for your project.

When you make your own pins using soft enamel, you can also get a little crazier with your texture details, adding borders and edges to your design that are unique and customized. The mechanical color adding process leaves these textures on the surface, giving your lapel pins an authentic and rugged feel. The soft enamel allows for a wider variety of color options, so the possibilities are endless.

Disadvantages to Soft Enamel Custom Pins

Before you choose these enamel pins for your customized project, you should also review the disadvantages of this type of pin style.

While you can create a colorful, affordable and unique design using soft enamel, keep in mind it is not always as durable as hard enamel. Over time, scratches and wear can show on your custom pins, especially if they come into contact with hard surfaces frequently. If durability is most important to you, keep this characteristic in mind when you make your own pins and choose the style you want to use.

To learn more about the pin creation process, check out our Frequently Asked Questions blog on custom pins with The/Studio.

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