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What Makes Sports Socks Different From Other Custom Socks?

Custom sports socks are no different from other socks, right? Maybe light years ago, but not anymore. 

Apart from the bright sports designs that set sports teams apart, several unique features make sports socks different from others. Is it the design? The material? Do they have special features that regular socks don’t have? Keep reading to find out. 

Moisture Absorbent Material

Moisture-wicking is super important when it comes to sport performance socks. Most sports socks are made from synthetic materials that achieve two things: they soak up sweat from your body and carry it to the fabric’s outer layer for quick drying. 

The goal here is to keep the athlete’s feet relatively dry and cool until the game is over. Other socks can get swamped with moisture and become heavy. This is discomforting, plus it also lets bacteria thrive. 

It’s obvious that moisture-wicking is an essential feature that differentiates sports socks from other custom socks, that’s why it’s at the top of our list!

Doubled Welt 

Ever gotten rid of your favorite sock because it got droopy? Well, sports socks are designed not to get droopy. 

The welt or the cuff is the ribbon at the top that keeps the socks in place. Regular custom socks have one rubber welt at the top, while sports socks have two. Why? They keep an athlete’s socks from sagging down.

You must have seen athletes do vigorous activities while their socks remain in place. That’s because of the double welt. It is an insurance against an unexpected droop. 

Air-flow Friendly Fabric 

Making sports socks from a special fabric that allows for aeration is important because athletes use up a lot of energy. And when this happens, the socks get overheated. Custom sports socks to the rescue! 

These socks are made with fabric that allows for increased airflow to the legs and foot. But regular custom socks, not so much as they are made from thicker materials that aren’t breathable.

Ankle Support 

The ankle is a pivotal part of every athlete’s foot, and ankle injuries could pose many problems. So sports socks keep the ankle safe. The ankle support protects the arch and acts as a preventive measure against ankle swelling. Regular custom socks don’t come with ankle support – yikes!

Blister Protection 

Blisters make it difficult to walk, let alone jump or run. Sports socks with blister control are made of light, cool synthetic materials that provide maximum protection from potential leg injuries like a blister. 

They also feature unique stitching that doesn’t rub the heel the wrong way over a period. Some socks are not built to protect your heel from blisters the way sports socks are. 

Generally, custom socks are designed for activities that don’t involve much foot traction and sweating. Normal socks give minimal yet stylish protection. Using regular socks for vigorous activities could be risky. 

So if you’ve got a state championship looming, equip your team with the best custom sports socks to get the job done! Even better, you can display your team’s full color, without compromising quality and safety!




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